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Let us know what’s good for you and we will design a tour to remember.

Feel free to make inquires even if your not thinking of booking a tour just yet.

If your inquiry is genuine then help us to help you, by including your approximate length of stay in the Philippines and the total number of available days for our tour, also the number of riders in your group, if you wish to scuba dive or not and how is your general heath?

Do you want to travel far and see as much as you can with little rest time or would you prefer to is drink beer till late at night and relax on the beach from time to time.

Is a rest day required, city or beach?

Any information you give us will help to create the best tour experience for you.

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Yes, it’s legal to ride motorcycles in the Philippines without a motorcycle license, provided you have a valid DRIVERS LICENSE, valid INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS LICENSE, and have been in the Philippines for less than 90 days.

YOU SHOULD HAVE EXPERIENCE in riding motorcycles in various conditions, including off road.

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