8 days tour itinerary

As we custom design most of our tours this itinerary should be seen as an example only.

8 Days / 8 Nights – Departing from Cebu City


4.30PM – 6.00PM

Induction and orientation session

You’re invited to join your guides and fellow tour members for complimentary refreshments at a central location in Cebu City where we will discuss such things as road rules, speed limits and potential traffic hazards.

You will also have the opportunity to look over one of the Honda XRM motorcycles that will become your best friend over the next week and have the chance to discuss the many activities and highlights of the tour.

Please bring a photocopy of all your required documents, including:

·        Passport

·        International and home country driver’s licenses

Yes, it’s legal to ride motorcycles in the Philippines without a motorcycle license, provided you have a valid DRIVERS LICENSE, valid INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS LICENSE, and have been in the Philippines for less than 90 days.

YOU SHOULD HAVE EXPERIENCE in riding motorcycles in various conditions, including off road.

You will then be asked to sign our TERMS & CONDITIONS of INDEMNITY & RELEASE FORM at this time.

(Please read this document before booking your tour and placing your deposit).



Please be on time at the designated meeting place for our departure. Your luggage should be packed into two (2) “day pack size / mid size” backpacks and weigh less than 10kgper bag, total 20kg.  One bag is for your daily needs, with a change of clothes, camera and valuables.  Your second bag will be safely carried by our support vehicle.

Any extra luggage can be stored at your hotel in Cebu for your return trip.

Luggage can also be transferred to the end of tour destination,

for around PhP500 for a bag of up to 20kg.

Your bag may be searched by Philippines security officers before transport.


Please let us know in advance of your luggage transport/storage needs


DAY 1 – Departing Cebu City to Moalboal

Departing Cebu City, we head south with a brief stop at the quaint market in Carcar township.  We continue on a scenic ride over the mountains to the west coast of Cebu Island, travelling through many towns and villages and arriving in Moalboal mid to late afternoon.

Time in the saddle is around: 5.5 hrs

DAY 2 – Moalboal to Dumaguete City

We have a variety of optional activities to occupy our morning.  Those of you who wish to take an earlyscuba dive may do so.  Moalboal offers some magnificent coral reef dives and snorkelling. This can be easily arranged and is at your own expense for around US$35 – $40 per dive. We continue south with an adventurous stop at Kawasan Waterfalls (optional), then on to the southernmost tip of CebuIsland. We take a boat trip to Negros Island and Dumaguete City (40min), the capital of Negros Oriental Province.

Time in the saddle is around: 4 hrs

DAY 3 & 8 – Dumaguete City and surrounding areas

This is a vibrant and charming city with a variety of good restaurants, great night life and some fantastic surrounding areas.

We have a lot to see in the days we will stay in the Dumaguete area.

Some of the places we will visit are:

* Casa Roro Falls.

* Mt. Talinis with its twin peaks known locally as The Horns of Negros.

Japanese Shrine.

Tambobo Bay.

Various mountain lakes and view spots.

We have several other spectacular locations in the area we wish to show you but will keep that a secret for now.  You will really get the feeling of the great outdoors.

After being so active we should enjoy our drinks at one of the more lively night spots in this very welcoming city.

Time in the saddle is around: 5 hrs, optional

Some rough roads on this day

DAY 4 – Dumaguete City to Sipalay

Our second day is one of two long riding days on our tour with 6 hours in the saddle including stops along the way.

We will head north along the coast and then travel over the very high and winding mountain roads of central Negros Island. Make sure your batteries are charged and your camera is ready, for this day has so many fantastic photo opportunities.  With beautiful coastal and mountainous views especially on our ascent to the central regions of Negros Island.

On arriving in Sipalay, we park our bikes and continue by boat to the white sands of Sugar Beach. Our beachside resort accommodation will be a peaceful change after living the city life in Dumaguete. We’re in paradise now!  It’s time to sit back and enjoy the sunset.  We will stay two nights at Sugar Beach,simply because it’s such a nice place.

Time in the saddle is around: 5- 6 hrs

DAY 5 - Sipalay (Sugar Beach)

Just 500 meters off the coast of Sugar Beach is a ship wreck situated in shallow water and is easy to snorkel on.  This small cargo ship sank after hitting a nearby reef in a typhoon in 1974.  Close to the ship wreck is a small exotic Island and an exciting spot for exploring and relax on the beautiful beach.

Sugar beach also offers sea kayak’s for rent.

Your accommodation is a very comfortable but native style, beach side cottage.

Time in the saddle is around: 0 hrs

All activities are optional.

DAY 6 – Sipalay to Dauin

Returning to our motorbikes by boat, we will follow the scenic road around the south coast of Negros Island. With some interesting towns and villages on the way, we should take the time to stop and enjoy the local culture and will probably meet some of the friendliest Filipinos in the country.  Some of the towns on our way are Basay, Bayawan, Santa Catalina and Siaton with many other villages to welcome the occasional traveller. We will have 26km of dirt road between Sipalay and Basay.

Time in the saddle is around: 5-6 hrs

Some rough roads on this day

DAY 7 – Dauin to Dumaguete City

We have many options today. Our beach resort has a great Dive Shop and we can easily arrange a dive or snorkelling trip for you. As we are only a one hour ride from Dumaguete City we can if you wish, ride directly back to the city or we can take a few of the side trails and visit some of the mountain regions. Today’s schedule is up to you.

Time in the saddle is around: 1 – 6 hrs (Optional)

DAY 8 -Dumaguete City and surrounding areas

We continue to explore this magnificent region.

Time in the saddle is around: 2-5 hrs (Optional)

Some rough roads on this day

Congratulations, you made it.

Tomorrow’s checkout time is 12 noon.

End of TourDumaguete City


Travel advice out of Dumaguete City

·         Cebu Pacific Airline and Air Philippines flies 2 times a day to and from Dumaguete, Manila (1hr -15min)

·         Ocean Jet Ferries departs daily from Dumaguete to Bohol (2½hrs) and to Cebu City (4½hrs)

·         Buses run north to Bacolod City (5hrs), and to Cebu City (5hrs)

·         Super Ferry departs weekly to Manila (26hrs) and is very comfortable

·         Super Ferry departs weekly to Cagayan de Oro ( Mindanao ) (8hrs), if you’re game.


Travel advice out of Cebu City

·         Cebu Pacific Airline and Air Philippines flies 6 times a day from Cebu to Manila (1hr)

Cebu Pacific Airline and Air Philippines flies Mon, Wed & Fri Cebu-Dumaguete-Cebu

For details see:




M.A.T.P.I.  runs a professional and well-organized tour operation.  It is our top priority to keep you and your property safe at all times.  Please be aware that travelling conditions and weather can change from day to day and this can effect the risk of travelling by motorcycle.  We endeavour to keep you comfortable, dry and safe.  In cases of extreme weather or other risk factors, we may choose to postpone the tour, extra accommodation and meals will be at the clients expense.  M.A.T.P.I. reserves the right to make changes in the itinerary without prior notice.

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